Do Homes Matter? Tia Ana's Story

An Amoveo Group Story

May 14, 2021

Do safe and stable homes make any difference? If you know Tia Ana's story, you know they do.

Matt Peace, the co-founder of Amoveo, met Tia Ana nearly 20 years ago. She was living in a run-down building in a gang-infested slum of San Salvador, El Salvador. But, she wasn't living there alone. She was caring for 30+ children of local prostitutes.

To this day, Tia Ana cares for children of El Salvadorian prostitutes, but in a new home in a safe location built for her and her amazing kids. 

Over the last 20 years, Tia Ana has continued to inspire Matt and others to help. You see, not only has she raised hundreds of children she rescued off the streets, she was once one of them. She ended up in a life of prostitution, but her life took a different turn.

Her story changed for the better when a neighbor introduced her to a community of people at her church that helped her leave prostitution. Because they loved her unconditionally, she decided to dedicate her life to caring for street kids.

In 2019, Tia Ana and the kids moved into a home funded and built by Amoveo Group donors and volunteers. This home has enabled Tia Ana to continue to rescue dozens of children and give them a safe and stable place to live. No longer does she battle rampant crime living in San Salvador slums. In addition, the home's small farm plot has allowed Tia Ana to reduce her monthly expenses. 

Pictures of Tia Ana's New Home

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Do safe and stable homes make any difference?

Yes! This is why at Amoveo we don't want to stop with Tia Ana's home. We are now raising money to build homes for the homeless in Ensenada Mexico. 

There is a Crisis at the Border. You've heard in the news lately that people from Mexico and Central America are desperate to find work and stability for their families. Because of this, some take extraordinary risks to try and find that stability in America, but you can help them where they are.

There are two stories in Ensenda. The Port of Ensenada is the most visited tourist port in the Pacific, with more than 700,000 cruise passengers a year. The other story is that of the thousands of migrant workers who move to Ensenda for seasonal farm work. Every year, when the harvest is over, they are out of work, and their families are left homeless and in unstable conditions.

A few years ago, Reynerio, one of our local leaders in Maneadero Mexico (a small town on the outskirts of Ensenada) met a family of four living in a tiny pickup-truck-camper. The family needed help. Reynerio took action, mobilizing a short-term team to help build them a home. But his help didn't stop there. Since the home was near the school that Reynerio started, the family's children were able to attend and go on to secondary education in Ensenada. That story inspired other short-term teams who have now built 100+ homes in the Ensenada region, but there is still more need.

For each home, we need to raise $15,000. Donate now to help make a lasting difference in these family's lives.

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