When a Trip Is NOT What You Expect

An Amoveo Group Story

Feb 28, 2024

When I began looking for a mission trip, I was praying for a place where I could be useful and warm - I was going in February. Mexico wasn’t really a destination I had in mind. 

The more I researched possible places, the more doors were closed to me. No one wanted a solo traveler for a mission trip. Finally, I was told about an opportunity in Mexico with Amoveo Group. 

I moved forward, because I felt like God was leading me to Mexico for something.

I had many reasons for wanting to take this trip. Primarily, it was about stepping out of my comfort zone, exploring my freedom, and my faith. I had no idea what to expect, but I told God it was in His hands and I would show up and be willing to say yes. 

All along the process of setting up my trip I just kept saying yes, even when it got scary. The Amoveo Group and the Carnall family helped me coordinate and handle all the details, including picking me up from the airport and driving me across the border.

I spent 2 weeks in Ensenada. I worked hard and was able to complete a couple of projects. But truly, that was the least interesting part of the trip.

This was definitely a step out of my comfort zone, but I gained so much in return for my time. I had the privilege of meeting so many amazing people. Everyone was so genuine and friendly, willing to welcome a complete stranger. I was able to meet and speak with many of Amoveo Group’s partners in Ensenada. Every story was of somebody saying yes when God spoke to their heart about the needs of their community. These people were truly serving God and loving their neighbors. They didn’t know how they were going to accomplish the work but they showed up and started, and God is providing each step. Each story was truly inspiring.

God used my willingness to serve to provide a roof for a church. In return I gained perspective and felt God moving in my life and deepening my faith.

This may not have been the trip I wanted when I was first starting the process, but this was definitely the trip I needed. 

God showed up and showed his faithfulness to me and to everyone who asks. 

When I set out I didn’t really have any expectations for this trip. I just wanted to be warm and useful. Not only was I useful, but I got far more out of this trip than I could have imagined.

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