Haiti Earthquake Response Underway

An Amoveo Group Story

Aug 26, 2021

"UNICEF is reporting over 500,000 children have been affected by the earthquake in Haiti, including 1,900 who tragically died."

The situation in the communities hardest hit by the earthquake is desperate. Right now, we are coordinating with contacts in the area and collaborating primarily with, GlobalFingerprints, an organization with a base and staff in the earthquake-affected zone.

We are sending your financial donations directly to our team who is using them to buy food and supplies. Globalfingerprint is helping us direct those to people and places with the greatest need. But, food and supplies are only one of the needs. Among other needs being met, Globalfingerprint's trained staff is counseling children who are dealing with the traumatic loss of loved ones and tremendous life disruption. 

Right Now...

Our team is buying food and supplies in the capital, Port Au Prince, and making 3-hour trips to the earthquake zone. Each trip will feed 250 and will cost $1,800. The more donated money we receive, the more people we can feed.

Tim Brokopp, Director of Operations

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