Philadelphia Food Banks Meeting Real Needs

An Amoveo Group Story

Jun 15, 2021

A lot more people use and need food banks than you might think. They are meant to give families the little boost they need to make it through the month. A couple of bags of groceries, from one of the Amoveo Food Pantries in the Philadelphia area, has helped over 45 families each month. That was until March of 2020. Suddenly, families that had never needed assistance before were scrambling to find enough to feed their families. Food Banks everywhere were overwhelmed by the rising demand. 

Amoveo Group’s food banks were no different. We saw increases in every community we help. Plus, two new locations kept calling and asking for help. On several occasions Pastor Alves, from the Olney section of Philadelphia called and asked if we had any food to give them. Amoveo Good Banks, along with the rest of the country, had a crisis on our hands.

Good news was, Amoveo Group volunteers stepped in. They repurposed a room in one of our Philly food banks, building out walls to make it suitable for food storage. Other volunteers were able to secure food from a Food Distribution Center . We even had one volunteer buy and assemble shelves to store the food on. In a matter of days, we had another food pantry to which immediately began helping hurting people. 

Today, the Amoveo Group has 4 food banks in the Greater Philadelphia area that we assist with. Each month over 400 families are getting food from one of these locations. It is a lifeline for so many people. But it isn’t without cost. The budget for these projects to keep functioning is high. We need your help to offset the costs and keep the food coming to those families who need it. Please consider giving here to help these food banks. With your donation, we literally buy food to help needy people. To donate now, click to the right (or below on a phone).

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