300 Easter Meals for Families in the Philadelphia Area

An Amoveo Group Story

Apr 15, 2022

With Easter week upon us, the Amoveo Group was able to organize 5 different Faith Communities and non-profits to distribute 300 Easter meals to families in need in the Philadelphia area. Small Things is a Food Distribution Center that started with the project of delivering meals for Easter to families in need. Amoveo Group was glad to partner with Small Things to distribute 300 of those meals. This is in addition to the 200 families that our 4 food banks serve on a monthly basis. Our hope is that each family is able to enjoy this holiday season with family and time around the dinner table.

At Amoveo, we Empower People for Lasting Change. We believe lasting change is more likely, for all involved when everyday people contribute beyond donating money. We See Volunteers as Strategic: For us, short-term volunteers and interns are part of the strategic plan in each community we are working with, not just an afterthought.

More than once, I've encountered people who'd rather donate cash than their time. It's not uncommon for people to believe that donating an hour of their time has the same value as donating a dollar. This is a misconception. The truth is that your time is much more valuable than one hour of your income—it's worth far more.

You can buy products or services in exchange for money, but you can't ever buy another minute of your life. You'll never be able to get back the minutes you spend working on something—nor will you be able to "sell" or "donate" any extra minutes you have in the bank (if such things existed). That said, when you spend an hour volunteering, what are you really losing? You're not losing anything; instead, you're giving someone else something that they need: your experience and expertise. Think about it this way: When someone donates cash to a cause that helps kids learn how to read, it's the same as buying books for those kids so they can practice reading those words themselves. But when a person donates his or her time by volunteering as a tutor at a local after-school program in order to help kids learn how to read, he or she is giving them something altogether different: one-on-one instruction from an expert reader who knows what good reading looks like and can show them how they might improve their own skills at reading aloud.

But our desire is not just to rally support for one dinner. At our core, our hearts are moved to help neglected, distressed, and struggling people. Unfortunately, the needs of millions remain unmet even after billions spent on band-aid charity. We are moved to a different type of help. Help with the goal of investing in lasting solutions. For this to happen we need volunteers. This holiday season would you consider giving back some of your time and skills at one of our projects in Philadelphia or around the world.

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