Men's Center Expansion

Amoveo Group Project in Ireland


Tiglin Men's Center was established in response to the growing addiction pandemic in Ireland, a crisis that is tearing families apart, destroying communities, and disempowering men. Our partners at Tiglin recognized the need for a comprehensive program that addresses the bio-psycho-social-spiritual needs of men trapped in the cycle of substance abuse.

Currently, Tiglin provides full wrap-around services for up to 35 men, offering education, therapy, employment options, family support, biblically-based recovery groups, health support, and aftercare housing. However, the demand for our services far exceeds our capacity, with over 70 people on our waiting list.


This project aims to expand Tiglin's capacity by opening an additional 8 beds in the facility.


The total cost of this project will be $227,200.

Broken Down as follows:

  1. Room Makeover - New Doors, Floors, Lighting and Ventilation $1700 per room x 16 rooms = $27,200
  2. En-suite Bathrooms: $8400 per bathroom x 16 bathrooms = $134,400
  3. External, Sewer, Plumbing & Electric: $6800
  4. Veranda and Railing: $58,800

Once completed, we can provide a lifeline to 8 more men struggling with addiction a year, offering them the comprehensive support they need to rebuild their lives and their communities. Please use the donation options on the right.

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