Cote D'Ivoire Health Care Initiative

Amoveo Group Project in Côte D'Ivoire


After the death of President Felix Houphouet-Boigny (30+ years in power) in1993, Cote d'Ivoire was plunged into a power-sharing struggle resulting in an on/off civil war decimating the health care infrastructure of the country.

$11,582. That's the average dollar amount spent per year on medical care for every person in the United States. In Cote d'Ivoire, that number is $74 with less than 43% having access to effective and essential health services.


Pastor Ayou, a refugee from Cote d'Ivoire is one of our community partners at our project in Upper Darby (Philadelphia). Pastor Ayou just graduated with his degree in nursing from the local community college. One day, when one of our team members was helping him with finding employment he explained his burden for his home country. The country he was forced to flee due to civil war. His desire is to begin a health clinic that can serve sub-clinics and deploy mobile medical clinics in rural areas. He wants to use his position and training to work with Amoveo to mobilize people, material, and financial investment to start this clinic. He has already connected with a network of churches and medical professionals in Cote D'Ivoire to join him in this effort.


Tim Brokopp, founder and executive director, had the opportunity to be part of a similar initiative during his work in Gabon in the mid-2000s. Using this experience, he has begun to work with Pastor Ayou to start connecting a network of US-based medical professionals to fund and collaborate with the Ivorian network to see this vision become reality. Local leadership's vision and buy-in are key elements to Amoveo's success in initiating projects that have high impact and sustainability. We are in the infant stages of this process and will be recruiting a team of medical professionals to go to Cote d'Ivoire in January of 2022 to help launch this initiative.