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Amoveo Group Project in Ireland


In Ireland, it is estimated that one in ten people are alcoholic and that alcoholism in one person directly affects the lives of at least 4-5 others. Of course, this is not unique to Ireland, but this has been identified by our Irish partners to be something essential to address in their communities.


Our team partners with Tiglin, which provides residential rehabilitation programs and transitional for men and women in addiction or homelessness. Tiglin's rehabilitation programs take an evidence-based holistic approach and deal with addiction. We also want to equip people in our care with personal and professional skills to help people return to life in society. This means training people and giving them skills, ranging from courses in further education, qualifying employment certificates (e.g. manual handling, first aid), counseling, parenting skills, and family therapy to barista training in our social enterprise café.


Dorine Linn, who is part of our Amoveo Team, serves as a professional counselor for Tiglin. Please check out the ways you can invest in this initiative as well as come on a trip.

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