It's Not JUST a Roof

An Amoveo Group Story

Feb 1, 2024

The children’s classroom at Mision La Palmera needs a new roof.

When Pastors Jose and Alejandra began their work in Colonia Gomez Morin, they met with community members under umbrellas - shade is necessary on this hillside. So is sheltering from the seasonal rains.

Then, over the next 11 years, they constructed the building that stands there now, both with the financial support and assistance of others and on their own.

Talking with Pastors Jose and Alejandra was a powerful reminder for me of how a growing heart for loving and serving a community can shift our priorities and change our life trajectory in significant ways. Each left their individual careers in order to be more present and available for those they cared for. Now, they have a business making and selling (delicious) tamales, which allows them to pay the bills and be present in the community.

This includes programs on Saturdays in the nearby park with children from the neighborhood, some of whom now come with their families to church on Sundays.

This gets us back to that roof… of the children’s classroom.

Both Pastor Jose and Alejandra have dreams about continuing to grow what they are doing in the community, but for each, step 1 is having a fully functional and secure building from the weather.

It’s the next phase of a years-long journey, and we want to help them get there. We plan to start on February 12, 2024, as funding allows. 

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