About Us


Amoveo exists to see broken systems fixed in communities all over the world, through partnering and investing in creative and sustainable solutions.

Amoveo Group, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Development Organization, desires to see marginalized communities all over the world, given hope and enabled out of poverty. Amoveo believes old ways of helping must be replaced. We must stop being content to give out clean water and a free meal. Marginalized communities need investment based on their unique needs. Amoveo seeks to listen first and invest after. Only then will lasting change occur. 

Amoveo Group was founded in 2013, by Matt Peace and Tim Brokopp, after decades of combined experience working and living among marginalized communities, from Africa to forgotten U.S. neighborhoods. They had a passion to create an organization that enabled strategic and lasting solutions for those in need, in the U.S. and around the globe, through embracing relevant investment from people of diverse backgrounds.


At our core, our hearts are moved to help neglected, distressed, and struggling people. Unfortunately, the needs of millions remain unmet even after billions spent on band-aid charity. We are moved to a different type of help. Help with the goal of investing in lasting solutions.


We are involved in mobilizing people, material, and financial investment in projects which spur sustainable solutions to physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. These needs vary based on the community. We have built homes, orphanages, food banks, started new businesses to create jobs and founded drug rehab centers. What we do varies, but is always focused on strategic initiatives utilizing relevant methods.


We believe lasting change happens when organizations take a step back from rushing in to do something. We work by 1) finding leaders in the community, 2) listening to them 3) determining with them how we can help, 4) executing a plan that brings together creative investment, including people, materials, and money.


  • We Are a Development Organization: We seek to meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Though we partner with churches and individual Christians, we are not involved in work exclusively focused on activities like evangelism, starting churches, or bible education.
  • We Believe Local Solutions are Relevant: We reject charitable imperialism. We Believe is is foolish for outside leaders and organizations to declare they have found the solution to fix a community’s problems.
  • We Empower People for Lasting Change: We believe lasting change is more likely, for all involved, when every-day people contribute beyond donating money.
  • We See Volunteers & Interns as Strategic: For us, short-term volunteers and interns are part of the strategic plan in each community we are working, not just an afterthought.
  • We Embrace & Serve All: We are people of faith serving and working with others from many backgrounds. We believe conviction and compassion matter. We believe differences in faith and practice should not necessarily be used to keep people from working together to improve humanity.


Read about our organizational and financial accountability under FAQs here.


Timothy Brokopp, Founder and Executive Director of Operations

Tim Brokopp lives in Media PA with his wife Maddy, where he serves as Executive Director of Operations. Prior to that appointment, Tim was executive director of E4 Project, a faith-based international leadership community that brought sustainable solutions to impoverished communities in Gabon and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Tim grew up in Sub-Saharan Africa and has been working in international development since 2008. He is fluent in French and specializes in working in cross-cultural settings, leadership development, and international community development.

Matthew Peace, Founder, and Executive Director of Advancement

Matt Peace has 15 years of experience in international work. He has placed over 30 International Workers in 14 different countries that worked in the area of development. He was the Director of Envision International for 10 years and had oversight of a $3M annual budget. He is co-founder of The Amoveo Group which he has helped build into leveraging over $3.5M in annual aid to 4 International Projects. He has extensive international experience in 73 countries.

Ken Hanning, Executive Director of Development

Ken Hanning, lives in Friendswood, Texas with his wife Jody, where he serves as Executive Director of Development. Over the past 21 years, Ken and Jody have worked with a variety of faith-based nonprofits, including a 2.5-year stint in Dublin Ireland. In addition, they have started or been involved in the startup of five different small businesses. While serving in Ireland their heart for developing, training, and serving leaders who were working internationally became one of their greatest passions. As a result, they acquired certification as Life and Marriage coaches and continually work with couples and families who have given their lives to cross-cultural service. Their hobbies include gardening, cooking (especially Texas barbecue), music, and Ken is an avid rugby player.

Location Leaders


Ben and Dorine Linn and their four children moved to Dublin Ireland from the Bay Area, California. Both have a background in social services and a passion to help people with addiction issues. They work within multiple homeless outreach and substance recovery programs in Dublin. Additionally, they host volunteer teams, interns, and other pathfinders.

E & Lis Becerra are originally from Venezuela but moved to Ireland in 2015. They have two young kids, Megan and Evan, who both were born in Ireland. E and Lis are Amoveo's newest team members in Ireland having a background in cross-cultural engagement. The Becerras have focused on developing trust within the immigrant community in Ireland, doing a lot of listening to understand the greatest need. In the space of one generation, Ireland has become a nation of immigrants. At 17.3 percent, Ireland has the second-highest foreign-born population in Europe, mostly due to recent immigration.

Burkina Faso

Robert Sanou was the founder and first executive director of ACCEDES, a faith-based NGO that was involved in relief projects, education, health, micro-finance, food security, and clean water in the West African nation of Burkina Faso. Robert grew up in the village of Kouha in the western part of Burkina Faso. Mr. Sanou’s undergraduate degree was in law but has master degrees in micro-finance and community development and is finishing up his doctorate in organizational leadership. Robert is a French and English-speaking Burkinabé who has served on Boards of regional organizations consulted for European and U.S. entities and traveled widely throughout the Region and the world.


Amy, Ben Carnall, and their four children moved to Mexico from Philadelphia. Ben can build or fix almost anything and has done facilities and maintenance work in addition to residential renovation and construction, while Amy has spent a lot of years organizing programs for youth in schools, camps, and churches. In Mexico, work to support local church leaders as they provide for the needs of vulnerable children and families.