Community Center for At-risk Youth in Ireland

Amoveo Group Project in Ireland


Many think that poverty is only a material thing. However, Amoveo focuses on projects that spur sustainable solutions to physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. In many first-world countries, emotional poverty is overlooked. In Ireland, at-risk young people experience significant personal, family, educational, or social problems. In 2017, nearly 20 percent of children under 18 in Ireland were considered at-risk (


Building a community center will allow our team to have a permanent location to connect relationally with at-risk youth via the after-school programs, providing tutoring services, meals, activities, and hospitality


Although funding the community center is a priority, At Amoveo we firmly believe that when everyday people contribute beyond donating money lasting change can happen. Our staff, pathfinders, and volunteer teams connecting relationally with these at-risk youth are vital to the program's success. Often, these connections lead to home learning and a deeper exploration of love and grace.

In addition, volunteer teams are needed to provide staffing and support for over-night camps that are run every summer. Check out the trip and pathfinder opportunities to see how you can be part of impacting the next generation of Irish youth.

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