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Tia and Clintonn Tannis serve as our site directors in Lèogâne. Tia first came to Haiti in 2015 on a volunteer team and felt God’s strong call on her heart to return. In February of 2017, she moved to Haiti to be part of our Amoveo staff as a gap year pathfinder. In January 2018 she transitioned onto our Amoveo Haiti team as volunteer team director and took over as Site Director in October. In January of 2019, Tia married Clintonn, the foremen of Union Shop (our carpentry and welding business) and the guest house (another small business we started) maintenance man. In August of 2020, they welcomed their son Emmett to the family. Tia and Clintonn oversea all of the Amoveo Projects in Haiti, providing presence and vision for our ongoing work there. They welcome teams and pathfinders to join their cause.

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