Bama Farm

Amoveo Group Project in Burkina Faso


It is estimated that 90% of Burkina Faso’s 18 million citizens are engaged in subsistence agriculture, but many lack access to modern farming techniques. Every year famine is a very real struggle with droughts, increasing desertification and other effects of climate change severely impacting agricultural activities and the economy.


Bama Farm is a long term project with the goal of being a farm where local farmers are shown and participate in a model that is duplicable, affordable and that will empower them to feed their family well, develop fuel sources, and generate income from the sale of crops beyond the need of the immediate family.  


The farm is still in its infancy stage with developing its own chicken hatcheries, goatherds, and developing healthy soil that will Increase harvest yields, increase levels of nutrition, supply sustainable fuel sources, and reverse the desertification effect.  In order for this to happen, we need investment in livestock, equipment, and facilities.

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