Pathfinders play critical roles in helping our long-term staff. They must be 18+, but could be fresh outta high school, in college, retired, or anything in between. We have four types:

  1. Gap Year - You are looking for adventure between life transitions.
  2. Academic - You are doing it to fulfill an academic requirement for school.
  3. Retired and Ready - You are done with your paying job and want to spend your time strategically helping people.
  4. Internship - You are interested in a vocation that is related to one of our projects.

How to Become a Pathfinder

  1. Find a Pathfinder Opportunity that you are interested in and fill out the "Register or Inquire" form
  2. We will give you a call followed by an application and reference check.  
  3. If you are accepted, you will go through onboarding including fundraising training.
  4. Off to the field to begin your amazing Pathfinder experience!