Strategic And Financial Partners

A relationship between two or more interdependent entities that plan, leverage strengths, and intentionally work together to achieve a shared vision in ways we could not accomplish alone. 

Our partners see Amoveo as uniquely qualified and in response, desire to collaborate in mobilizing people, material, and financial investment in projects which spur sustainable solutions to physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Everywhere we work, our partners are critical in helping us complete the mission of seeing marginalized communities, given hope, and enabled out of poverty.

Types of Partnerships

Corporate: When businesses engage with Amoveo, consumers notice and employees are proud. From cause marketing campaigns to employee volunteer engagement, Amoveo creates unique programs that can leverage your reach to impact the most.

Church: When churches engage with Amoveo, their members are implicated in work that has shared values. Getting outside of the 4 walls of your church and making a real impact is critical to the success of your congregation.

School: When schools engage with Amoveo, their students and faculty are exposed to an experience that takes them out of the classroom and around the world. Through organized fundraiser events and trips, they will participate in something that is bigger than themselves.

Nonprofits: When non-profits engage with Amoveo, they can be assured that their mission will be best served by our collaboration. Working together allows for us to do more than if we were on our own thereby stretching the donor dollar.

Foundations: When foundations engage with Amoveo, they experience a professional environment that leads to measurable impact. Our experience in understanding your needs for reporting allows for a smooth and efficient outcome.