Fill Their Bellies in Haiti

An Amoveo Group Story

Jun 1, 2021

Do you feel numb or helpless when you hear about hungry children? For our leader in Haiti, it wasn't a story, but the very children playing in front of her home.

It was October 2019. Tia Tannis, who works with Amoveo Group in Leogane Haiti, saw an increasing number of children playing in the streets and constantly asking for a few gouds (Haitian money). There was major political and social unrest in Haiti contributing to families lacking money to buy enough food. 

For these kids on Tia's doorstep, money for a few crackers would make a big difference. Tia and her husband realized, with school out of session, during October, these kids were missing meals each day they depended on.

Tia and her husband's hearts were broken, but they didn't rest in their sadness. These kids were not in a distant land or neighborhood. They were literally playing right outside. One day they cooked up a big pot of rice, beans, and sauce and fed as many kids as they could in their immediate neighborhood. 

Although the turnout was small at first, they knew, once word got out, they would have many children come the next time they cooked. They planned to make another meal the next Friday. 

As Tia explains: “Right after the kids left, our neighbor, who we share the yard with, came up and asked what all the kids were cheering about. We explain the kid's need and he cheerfully responded: "I had heard them chanting in the street, they were giggling and yelling out: 'Our bellies are full, our bellies are full!’” 

Next October, it will be two years since our project, "Fill Their Bellies" started. Today, Tia, her husband, and neighbors feed kids three times a week on school breaks and over summer vacation.

How do they feed them? They buy food and cook it. Pretty simple, but your donations would be a huge help for them. Would you make a donation today to help them buy food? No need to feel numb or helpless, you can donate now and make a real difference.

See the sidebar (below on a phone) for 2 ways to donate to the "Fill Their Bellies" project.

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