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Amoveo Group Project in Haiti


Before Union Shop I didn’t do anything, but now I have something to not only do each day, but something to learn and to take me far. Without Union Shop I don’t know where I would be or even who I would be. Union Shop is a huge part of my life and it gives me a purpose.” ~Stahl Sam 

According to the UNDP's Human Development Reports on Haiti, unemployment [in 2017] was 14 percent, with youth unemployment (ages 15-24) at 36 percent (UN [2018]). Youth who were able and willing to work have given up searching because it was fruitless.


At Amoveo, we believe that funding for operational costs for local social good initiatives should come from the community if they are going to be relevant and sustainable. Because of this, Amoveo focus's on developing small or medium-sized businesses in every location we are present. We reject charitable imperialism and believe if given access to the right resources and training every community has the opportunity to thrive.

In 2018, Amoveo facilitated the launch of "Union Shop," our first sustainable business project in Haiti. Union Shop serves as an apprenticeship type model, teaching the basics of various skilled trades. They currently employ five young men in the carpentry and welding trades, allowing them to hone their crafts in the shop and in their community. Not only do these young men receive hope, but they also serve as a light and an invitation to others who seek a path and purpose in life in providing for their families.


The Union Shop and Amoveo's other small business initiatives require seed money, equipment/tools but most importantly training in the skilled trade. These training opportunities happen through volunteers who participate in our trip and pathfinder opportunities. If you are in the trades, take a look at one or both of these opportunities for the chance to be part of changing a person's life.

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