Long Term Staff

Why Amoveo Needs LT Staff

At Amoveo, we believe it is foolish for outside leaders and organizations to declare they have found the solution to fix a community’s problems. However, we also believe that short-term and medium-term (Pathfinders) volunteers are part of the strategic plan in each community we are working, not just an afterthought. There is something very healthy about people from different cultural and social-economical ways of life working together to solve real-world problems. We've much to learn from each other.

Our long-term staff plays critical roles in serving as bridges for the mobilization of people, material, and financial investment in projects which spur sustainable solutions to physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. With the Amoveo way, the "How" is as important as the "Why" and “What.” Our long-term staff become catalysts for that in every community we are serving.

What LT Do:

Fundamentally our LT Staff are bridges. Practically they are project managers.

We believe lasting change happens when organizations take a step back from rushing in to do something.

We work by:

  • Finding leaders in the community,
  • Listening to them,
  • Determining with them how we can help and,
  • Executing a plan that brings together creative investment, including people, materials, and money.

Our LT staff manage this process.

Who are LT Staff:

They are young professionals or older with life experience or anything in between. They are engineers and bakers, financial analysis, or carpenters. We welcome pioneers, entrepreneurs, and big-hearted dreamers. At Amoveo we are looking for people who are committed to sustainable results because they are passionate about the “how” as much as the what.  

How to Become LT Staff

We believe that providing ongoing and specialized support to our LT staff creates a healthy environment where staff, interns, teams and local partnerships can thrive. 

Phase 1 of becoming LT Staff begins with an introductory phone call with someone from our leadership team, followed by an application and reference check.  

Phase 2 of becoming LT Staff, is the onboarding process that will end with you being placed at a project location. During this phase, we will be working with you to define your skills and passions putting together a timeline and plan for location set up and project funding.  

Phase 3 will be once you are on location.  This is ongoing as you will meet regularly with our operations team who will be providing you with care, insight and direction.

If this sounds interesting to you then we are excited to hear from you. Please take a few minutes to fill out the form below.