Tia Ana's House

Amoveo Group Project in El Salvador


El Salvador, a country the size of Massachusetts, lives 6.4 million people attempting to recover from a civil war that ended more than 20 years ago. Its people are still fighting to recover from the war—both economically and socially.

More than one-third of the population falls beneath the poverty line, leaving many women to believe their only choice to support their family is prostitution. Of course, this puts their children in an at-risk situation In a country where only 3 percent of the public expenditures are put toward education, at least one-third of children drop out by fifth grade.


In 2017, Amoveo Group purchased a large parcel of property in a rural community just outside of San Salvador through its network of partners. The home was completed in December of 2019 and Tia Ana moved in with the children in January of that year. While we solved the issue of rent, safe access to schools, and inherent danger and violence—especially gang-related from being located in San Salvador we are still working on food, clothing, and school tuition and supplies for the 20+ children.


In 2017 Amoveo began a "sponsorship" program for the children to help with ongoing costs. Please consider one of the donation opportunities to become part of the long-term solution for Tia Ana and her kids.

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