Oasis Boy's Home Santo Tomas

Amoveo Group Project in Mexico


Juan had gotten a good paying job right out of school. He worked as a prison guard at a juvenile detention facility in Mexico. The job paid enough to give Juan and Rosie and their kids a good middle class lifestyle. However, Juan couldn’t sleep well at night because of the constant rotation of young boys he saw come through the detention facility. He kept thinking that these boys could amount to more. So he and his wife decided to open a home for troubled boys.


Located in Santo Tomas, Oasis Boys Home now cares for and educates around 20 boys. The boys receive training in skills like carpentry and baking. A sustainable farm is also maintained on the land.

Juan and Rosie have been able to work with the government to locate and place troubled boys under the age of 18 to Oasis. A working plan for each of these boys is started upon their arrival and the goal is to return them to their homes. We believe this work needs to be relevant and lasting in these boy's lives.

The next phase of the work is a multi-purpose building to house boys with special behavioral needs, as well as space for tutoring and therapy, a library, and a computer lab.


In September 2021, we came along side Juan and Rosie and helped begin construction on their new building, but some work remains. Volunteer groups who come to Oasis help further this work. You can also help by donating to this project. Can you serve with us?