69th Street Daycare

Amoveo Group Project in Philadelphia Region


The majority of immigrant families in Upper Darby are low income with both parents having to work to meet life's basic needs. Every year, there are hundreds of children whose academic and social development are stunted because their parents cannot afford to place them in a nurturing environment while both mom and dad go to work.


Needs vary based on the community, so Amoveo is always focused on strategic initiatives utilizing relevant methods. Upper Darby is home to 100+ languages spoken within a 10-block radius of the daycare. Immigrant families face unique poverty challenges related to economic opportunity and social justice.

The 69th Street Daycare is a childcare facility developed to offer these families the highest standards of care for their children. These standards include cleanliness, personable and qualified staff, and educationally appropriate materials in a safe, welcoming environment for second-culture children.

We See Volunteers & Interns as Strategic: For us, short-term volunteers and interns are part of the strategic plan in each community we are working with, not just an afterthought.


We have started a sponsorship program matches donors with low-income families. As a sponsor, you will be giving an opportunity to a child that all children should have access to.

A sponsor can choose one of three levels of investment in a child’s future or just invest in the general operations of the program.

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