Forfeiting Hate for Love At Oasis

An Amoveo Group Story

Jun 24, 2022

In May we received an email from Carol Zhao, a student at the University of Chicago who is from Inner Mongolia, China. Carol who had been on the Amoveo website filling out the "Register or Inquire" form for our pathfinder program. Carol has a fascinating story, having traveled all over the world. But Carol expressed a desire to do more than just sightseeing. She had a desire to love and serve in her travels, to make a long-term impact. So we set her up to teach English, Mandarin, and Music at the Oasis Boys Home this summer. Below is a short blurb that Carol wrote about her experience so far - with her permission, I am sharing it.

"Time passes by slowly in the center of Oasis, but some of the boys have spent years in this tranquil, simple yet lovely yard under the burning desert sun. It is almost impossible to tell, that these lively, playful kids whose voice and laughter still reveal the signs of their innocent age, have had unimaginably difficult past polluted by the darkest human sins. With the help of the pastors, they are learning to forfeit hate for love, to exchange drugs for fork and food, to obey orders for the better, but surely with doubts and difficulties. If education is a forever mission, it has shown more profundity here in Oasis than anywhere else."

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