Minibus for Dublin Families

Amoveo Group Project in Ireland


Dublin Family Outreach (DFO), one of Amoveo's outreach partners in Ireland, serves at-risk families in working-class suburbs around Dublin City by working with families, not for them, to empower them to transform their lives and communities. Many of the families who are involved in DFO's services have no one who drives. Because some of DFO's services take place outside of transit corridors, minibusses become necessary for transportation to and from the locations where these events and services are offered.


  1. When public transportation is not an option, we must transport families to and from the locations where Dublin Family Outreach (DFO) offers these events and services.
  2. In addition, it will provide transportation for Amoveo volunteer teams and interns.


We are raising $20,000 to purchase a minibus to support Dublin Family Outreach's (DFO) services and shuttle Amoveo teams and interns who are in Ireland serving DFO programs.

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