We Are in This Together

An Amoveo Group Story

Apr 23, 2024

This morning I (Amy) sat in a chair at my dining room table while two women from my church cooked eggs and tortillas, with the help of Morgan, a young woman from Wyoming. They were preparing breakfast to serve to children who attend a school program at Mirna’s, one of our community partners. I sat there, listened to my friends from church swapping stories, sipped my coffee, and soaked in the moment - this is the heart of what Amoveo Group seeks to do: work alongside people of faith in a community to meet needs. Together

And, our work is mutual. My family and I moved to Ensenada because we had a heart to love and serve in the community, and, we are consistently recipients of the love and care of our community here.

Yesterday, we served oatmeal. I made it wrong (American-style) and my friends kindly fixed it and taught me how to make it for next time. I am learning. I will always be learning as I live and work as someone “not from here”. It’s a beautifully rich position to be in. One of many times I’ve gotten to say, “please, teach me!”

Then, together, we went to Mirna’s and served breakfast. Together, we played games of Hielo y Sol, Lobo, and Esconditos. Together we laughed and talked and made plans for more: my friends from church, Morgan, and I.

Are you interested in finding out more about how you can support the work we are doing (together) in Ensenada? How your $20 could feed a school for a day? How you could join us for a week and see for yourself? How, like Morgan, you could be a Pathfinder? 

We would love to talk. Email me at amy.carnall@amoveogroup.org, or find out more at https://amoveogroup.org/trips/mexico.

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