Light And Life At Drewstown House

An Amoveo Group Story

Dec 7, 2022

Amoveo exists to see broken systems fixed in communities all over the world through partnering and investing in creative and sustainable solutions. We believe lasting change happens when organizations take a step back from rushing in to do something. We work by:

  1. Finding leaders and person(s) of peace in the community,
  2. Listening to them,
  3. Determining with them how we can help, and
  4. Executing a plan that combines creative investment, including people, materials, and money.

Drewstown House is one of those entities, and here is a beautiful story about how we are partnering with them to change lives.

Sarah, (not her real name) didn’t exactly hate the outdoors, but she was afraid of leaving her home. She had spent several years held up in her safe space, terrified of everywhere else. Her mother battled with cancer for ten years but was finally in the last few months of palliative care. Her 59th birthday would be her last, so family and friends colluded to celebrate the 59th as though it were her 60th. The surprise was sprung, Happy Birthday sung, candles blown out, and the wish made. And what was that final wish? To go one more time on family camp at Drewstown House. Staff pulled out all the stops, rearranged other families, and juggled the waiting list to make the wish come true.

Two weeks later, Sarah supported her mother by venturing out to Drewstown House. It was a huge sacrifice and quite a battle for Sarah, but it was for her mother. Her mum had so many happy memories camping at Drewstown over the years. It is a place that draws people to return. Days after this camp, Sarah’s mum passed away, but Sarah and the rest of the family had been so touched by the care taken at camp that their lives were changed forever. They started to attend Drewstown's weekly bible studies, and Sarah was able to begin the healing process from the brokenness that had her kept up in her home all those years.

Amoveo has engaged with Sarah and many others from her community over the years. Whether it’s a family camp, seasonal event, or a retreat, Amoveo staff and short-term volunteers have seen amazing things happen at or because of the work of Drewstown House.  

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