Tia Ana's House - 2 Years On!

An Amoveo Group Story

Aug 23, 2022

"The house has been a huge blessing. They moved in January 2020, and Covid hit in March. Had they remained in the tiny house they were living in for the two years schools were closed, I am not sure anyone would have survived. But the kids had room to play and enjoy life in the wide open spaces at the new house, both inside and out. Again it is a huge blessing."

Wally Cook - Amoveo and Tia Ana Ministry Partner in El Salvador

If you have been a part of the Amoveo Group Family, you are familiar with Tia Ana’s story. You can read it HERE. By way of an update, we wanted to share how the stability of a home for her has changed things for Tia Ana and the children with her in El Salvador.

So many of the communications in the past from Tia Ana have been her asking for help in providing for the kids. So many of you have stepped up to provide schooling, new shoes for the kids, monthly support, or collect necessary items for the home. 

More and more since moving them into their new home, the updates I get are pictures of the kids playing in the creek right outside their home or picnics the house goes on. Occasionally there is still a call for help with schooling costs or a broken washing machine. But the stability of a home has changed their lives for the better.

It is exciting to see how we can help better the lives of people worldwide. Thank you for giving to The Amoveo Group projects around the world. It makes a difference because how you help matters!

Matt Peace,

Amoveo Group Executive Director of Advancement

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