Children's Center for Migrant Worker Families

Amoveo Group Project in Mexico


Mirna lives in a home in El Campo - the term used for areas where migrant agricultural workers live. Often, young children are left home alone to care for one another while their parents work in the fields. Mirna began her ministry by inviting the children to come to her house for breakfast and to play every Friday and Saturday. As time passed, she noticed some children were on their own, their parents unable to care for them, or had left the area for various reasons. Her home now operates as a shelter - currently for 10 children. 


This project is going to help the children that live at Mirna's have a functioning place to truly be at home in. She is caring for these kids and took them in and we want to make sure her house is capable of doing this.


We are raising funds to be able to renovate Mirna's home to function better for the children as well as put togther gift baskets for the kids with their basic necessities.

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