A Self-Sustaining Business That Funds An Orphanage in Bolivia Needs Help

An Amoveo Group Story

Oct 27, 2022

Daughters of the King Orphanage started in 2015 in Cochabamba, Bolivia, with the vision of providing a warm and loving family environment where girls that had experienced abandonment, abuse, and neglect could grow up knowing they are valued and loved by God.  A home where they heal emotionally, have all of their basic needs met, and grow in strong values.  They are a home of ten girls, keeping their numbers low to provide individual care for each precious girl.

From the beginning, they had the plan of having a self-sustaining business for Daughters of the King, and not just for the funds for the home, but to provide a way for our teens to gain skills in running a small business, having a strong work ethic and learning professional baking skills.  The Presbyterian Church of Traverse City, Michigan, worked with them to apply for a grant to the Toribia Foundation to build the bakery and little store.  Their application was accepted, and they were awarded a grant to purchase equipment for the bakery.  At first, they started twice a week with a couple of volunteers and the teens baking and selling gourmet breads with friends and local contacts to refine, what customers liked, prices, costs, etc. We did this for about six months.

Then, Covid came, and they had to stop completely with strict Social Services regulations.  But with cases of Covid down and fewer restrictions from Social Services in Cochabamba, they are ready to start again. However, this time they are ready to start at full force but need someone with the knowledge and time to come and help this vision of this business reach its full potential.

The Amoveo Pathfinder program (medium-term mission volunteer opportunities) was designed for needs like this. If you or someone you know has a skill set that you think could help and are open to moving to Bolivia for 12-18 months, please click on the Pathfinder opportunity on the right.