Experience: Union Shop Haiti

Location: Haiti

A Pathfinder experience at Union Shop in Leogane, Haiti will give you exposure to a bustling specialty welding and carpentry small business in the developing economy of the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. You will be interacting with the Haitian Union Shop team and living at our team center base. This opportunity is available to both learners and mentors who have experience in the trades. 

Pathfinder FAQs

What Would I Do As a Pathfinder?

Each Pathfinder opportunity varies by project and time of year. Overall you will work alongside Amoveo local staff for service opportunities that can fit your passions and professional aspirations. You can find out more about each project on our Projects tab.

How Long Can I Serve As a Pathfinder?

A summer (1-3 months), a semester (3-6 months), or a year + (1 - 2 years).

Are Pathfinders Paid?

Like most volunteer opportunities with non-profits, you will be required to cover the costs related to your role, however, we do have fundraising mechanisms that hundreds of Pathfinders have used to great success. 

How Much Does a Pathfinder Opportunity Cost?

Each project has a unique economy and living situation, therefore there are two levels of Pathfinder opportunity costs – low cost of living projects (LCLP) and high cost of living projects (HCLP). The monthly amount for an LCLP is $1500 a month and for an HCLP it is $2500 a month.

How Do I Apply for a Pathfinder Opportunity?

Each applicant must go through our onboarding process, which consists of an application, interviews, references, and background clearances.

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