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Visit Dublin to see how Amoveo Group's work is impacting the city and country.
How You'll Serve

This trip is about catching a vision for how you can be involved in serving and impacting Amoveo's work in Dublin in the long term. You will meet our staff on the ground, leaders from Ireland, and those that have been impacted by the work being done. Together, we will determine, practically and logistically, how your organization can benefit the work through trips, donations, and many other ways.

Where You'll Stay

We will be staying at the Dominican Retreat Centre, where our volunteer team stays.

Typical Schedule

Day 1: Arrival and drop bags off at Retreat Center in the AM. The rest of the day, we will be visiting projects and meeting with Amoveo partners in Dublin.

Day 2: Visit projects and meet with Amoveo partners in Dublin and there will be time set aside for discussing ways on how to be strategically involved.

Day 3: Breakfast and Departure

** If you have a desire to spend more time on the front or back end of the vision trip please let us know and we can help with arrangements.


Strategic vision trips are scheduled both in the Spring and Fall.

Please fill out the "Register or Inquiry" form to get started.

Our next available trip Is April 18-20, 2024.

The vision trip costs $499.00 per person + travel to and from Dublin. Within your cost are housing, food, and local transportation.

Trips can be scheduled around dates that work best for your team. Register or Inquire to speak with us about other dates.

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