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Embark on a transformative journey to Puerto Rico, where you'll immerse yourself in the heart of service that is making a dynamic impact. From restoring a home shattered by Hurricane Fiona, serving the homeless, to lending a hand at a local community center, Experience firsthand the divine work unfolding in Puerto Rico and feel the pulse of God's love in every endeavor. Puerto Rico's multifaceted landscape stretches from the shoreline to the highlands. Inhabitants are deeply rooted in history, closely tied to the land and culture, and take immense pride in their Puerto Rican lifestyle. In recent times, Puerto Rico has weathered hurricanes, earthquakes, a global health crisis, and economic difficulties, with rural regions bearing the brunt of these adversities. Amoveo's work in Puerto Rico centers on our collaboration with our local church and community development partners, who face a myriad of challenges, including the restoration of crumbling infrastructure, enhancement of living conditions, and the provision of services to a growing population.
How You'll Serve

On your mission trip to Puerto Rico, you'll have the opportunity to serve in a variety of impactful ways:

1. Home Restoration: You'll assist in rebuilding homes that were devastated by Hurricane Fiona, providing a safe and secure environment for families in need.

2. Street Children Care: You'll provide comfort and support to street children, offering them a sense of community and hope.

3. Community Center Assistance: You'll help out at the local Community Center, contributing to its daily operations and activities.

4. Community Engagement: You'll interact with the local community, learning about their culture and traditions while sharing your own.

5. Spiritual Connection: Through all these activities, you'll experience God's work in Puerto Rico, deepening your spiritual connection and understanding of your faith.

6. Youth camp in the mountain town of Adjuntas: Service, maintenance, and small construction project to prepare the facilities for an unforgettable experience for the campers.

Where You'll Stay

When Serving in San Juan, our mission teams stay in a comfortable dorm room at a local Christian College. The dorm includes individual showers, eating facilities, and plenty of space to plan and debrief. On the property is a fire pit and comfortable places to sit back and interact with other members of your team. When we are serving out at the camp, we stay in the cabins.

Typical Schedule

Arrival is on Saturday evening, which includes dinner and orientation. Sunday morning is spent visiting a local church congregation, followed by lunch and preparing for your week. Each week includes 4 full days of serving at the location you have chosen, which may be a bit of time at each place. One day during the week will be a tourist day where you can experience local shopping and time at the beach. Departure is on Saturday morning.


July 20-27, 2024

Trips can be scheduled around dates that work best for your team. Register or Inquire to speak with us about other dates.

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