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A mission trip to Mexico will allow your team to work in all of the projects connected to the work of the Amoveo team. Build a home for a family in need. Care for migrant children or help out at the Boy's Home. No matter what you do you can get a feel for what God is doing in Ensenada, Mexico.
How You'll Serve

Serving in Mexico can be done in many ways. You can work on building a home for a family in need. You can serve migrant kids who travel around Mexico with their parents who are working seasonal jobs. You can help at a school or Oasis Boy's Home by helping with their programs. No matter how you or your group wants to serve, opportunities are available. Because how you help matters.

Where You'll Stay

The Encuentro Missions Base offers a comfortable bunk house setting inside a gated property. It includes individual showers, eating facilities, and plenty of space to plan and debrief. On the property is a fire pit and comfortable places to sit back and interact with other members of your team.

Typical Schedule

Arrival is on Saturday evening, which includes dinner and orientation. Sunday morning is spent visiting a local church congregation, followed by lunch and preparing for your week. Each week includes 4 full days of serving at the location you have chosen, which may be a bit of time at each place. One day during the week will be a tourist day where you can experience local shopping and time at a Pacific Ocean beach. Departure is on Saturday morning.


Trips can be scheduled around dates that work best for your team. Register or Inquire to speak with us about other dates.

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