What Are the Benefits Of Serving On Staff With Amoveo Group

Category: Long Term Staff

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  • Application endorsement helps affirm the direction on one’s life both for the individual and support network.
  • Pre-deployment guidance for short/medium/long-term opportunities.
  • Assistance in mobilizing funding partners for special and/or emergency needs.
  • Fundraising tools and systems for creating an operational budget.
  • Assistance in obtaining visa and/or legal residence status at projecto location.
  • Assistance in the development of a strategic plan with measurable annual goals.
  • Accessibility to a large network of partners for projects.
  • Assistance with “marketing”
  • Effective and relevant pre-deployment and/or on-deployment cross-cultural training.
  • Accessibility to training for the development of new skill opportunities and new operations models.
  • Regular visits to the project location by a designated member care provider.
  • Processing monthly finances.
  • Relates closely with (home) sending network and advocates for staff when necessary.
  • Provision of an emergency fund and personnel available to assist in a crisis.
  • Assistance with yearly taxes and financial planning
  • Assistance with planning and executing regular furloughs
  • Assistance with re-entry process into home culture
  • Access to Social Business Funding mechanisms and plans
  • Access to Pathfinder and Trip Program to raise awareness of your work