Trip: Vineyard Ireland Vision Trip March 2022

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Location: Ireland For: Vineyard
Visit Dublin to see how Amoveo Group's work is impacting the city and country.
How You'll Serve

This trip is about catching a vision for how you can be involved in serving and impacting Amoveo's work in Dublin in the long term. You will meet our staff on the ground serving at the Dubin Vineyard, local project partners, and those that have been impacted by the work being done. Together, we will determine, practically and logistically, how your organization can benefit the work through trips, donations, and many other ways.

Where You'll Stay

We will arrange accommodation at a local hotel or Airbnb.

Typical Schedule

Day 1: Arrival and check into hotel/Airbnb - visit some local landmarks

Day 2: Visiting projects and meeting the team on the ground

Day 3: Visiting projects and discussing ways to strategically be involved

Day 4: Departure


Dates: March 28-31, 2022

Cost: Travel + $399

Trips can be scheduled around dates that work best for your team. Register or Inquire to speak with us about other dates.

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