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Drewstown Centre is a 68-acre forested retreat that Amoveo partners with to provide yearly retreats for our partnership with Tiglin, an organization that helps people overcome addiction and homelessness, and Dublin Family Outreach, an organization that serves at-risk families in working-class suburbs around Dublin City. They need a bridge to provide vehicular access to the forest from both sides, improving their ability to maintain and develop the forest.
How You'll Serve

The staff at Drewstown Centre has asked for a small volunteer team with carpentry/building skills to build it. If interested, please fill out the trip button on the right.

Where You'll Stay

Drewstown Centre, a 68-acre forested retreat.

Typical Schedule



Spring of 2023

Trips can be scheduled around dates that work best for your team. Register or Inquire to speak with us about other dates.

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