Women Empowerment Center in Haiti

Amoveo Group Project in Haiti


Haitian women are traditionally held to high standards with significant responsibilities and heavy burdens. Unfortunately, emotional and physical health has not been a focus. The young women we work with have been raised without good father presences in their lives, they are taken advantage of, spoken down on, and raised by mothers who carry this same and even deeper trauma. Because of this, a sustainable women's group that gives constant encouragement and support serves a vital role.


"In Haiti, it's not easy to cry because we are taught that crying is for the weak, but I have learned now that crying actually helps you heal. " Danishka

Amoveo is walking alongside young women like Danishka who are working through serious life issues; offering professional skill acquisition, direction, and encouragement with an eye toward empowerment and raising self-esteem. This is facilitated by the Amoveo team through weekly programs that meet in random locations depending on what is available.

In addition, one of the segments of the population that is in much need of attention are young & expecting mothers. We have a vision of hosting prenatal and postpartum classes for expecting and recent mothers in the community.


Our impact would be greatly multiplied if we could build a Women's Empowerment Center that would be able to provide a base for professional staff and these programs and classes. We are looking for folks to sponsor pre/postpartum care packages and prenatal classes, take a trip to teach a particular skill set that is needed, or fund our building program. History has taught the Amoveo team that investing in the empowerment of women of a community will lead to lasting solutions, not just temporary fixes.

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