Upper Darby Food Pantry

Amoveo Group Project in Philadelphia Region


Upper Darby is home to 100+ languages spoken within a 10-block radius of the Upper Darby Transportation Center, with over 24% of the population of 85,000 being foreign-born. Immigrant families face unique poverty challenges related to economic opportunity and social justice. The path to steady employment can take years. Families find themselves in a food sustainability crisis during the seasons when they are between jobs. Furthermore, because of the proximity to the Transportation Center, there is a high rate of homelessness.


The PIAC Food Pantry provides a safe and healthy solution for people in desperate need of food. As we look to expand the pantry into a more permanent space, we believe it will allow for a larger impact on the food sustainability needs in the community and for the homeless population. This expansion will include storage and commercial kitchen capabilities to feed warm meals to the homeless.


Expanding the food pantry will cost $135,000 to get the necessary permits and upgrade infrastructure to allow access to the food pantry on a side street, providing a safer place for those waiting in line. We are looking for volunteers with carpentry and remodeling skills to help with the build-out and donations to help fund it.

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