Oasis Home for Children With Disabilities

Amoveo Group Project in Mexico


Like so many places those with special needs often get ignored. It is no exception in Baja, Mexico. Children with special needs do not get the proper care or instruction simply because there is not enough resources to help them. Juan and Rosie are working for these kids by opening a home for those with special needs.


We are working with Oasis to build this home for children with disabilities. Construction is set to begin in January 2022. We need teams willing to donate their time to travel to Santo Tomas to help us build. We also need to raise the funds necessary to pay for the construction and furnishing of the home.


We believe lasting change happens when organizations take a step back from rushing in to do something. We work by 1) finding leaders in the community, 2) listening to them 3) determining with them how we can help, 4) executing a plan that brings together creative investment, including people, materials, and money.

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