Amoveo Group Project in Jamaica


Teamwork Associates exists to create a Christian education for the Montego Bay area of Jamaica. Out of a desire to set up a centre for reconciliation and rehabilitation, he received the divine mandate to go home to Jamaica and establish a Christian Centre with the name Teamwork Associates.


A centre was established in August Town and at his home base in Barbican, and the company Teamwork Associates was formalized in 1973. Again through divine intervention, the property now known as Teamwork Christian Centre was given to Teamwork Associates for the establishment of a Christian Centre. From January 1975 the work at the Centre progressed until now on a hillside in Torada Heights, stand a staff house, extended guest facility, conference room with dining room and kitchen, offices, a three storey school building and a church. 


We have some building projects at Teamwork. We are in the process of building and hope to complete our camp site by summer 2022 as well as we would like to complete our children and youth church room on the Church building. These are projects that we are able to encourage any form of assistance there is to have them completed and in full operation.

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