Homes for the Ensenada Homeless

Amoveo Group Project in Mexico


Did you know that thousands of people in Ensenada Mexico live without adequate housing, basic job skills, or even education for their children? The Port of Ensenada is the most visited tourist port in the Pacific, with more than 700,000 cruise passengers a year, but poverty still persists.


A few years ago, Reynerio, one of our local leaders in Maneadero Mexico (outside Ensenda) met a family of four living in a tiny pickup-truck-camper. The family needed help. Reynerio took action mobilizing U.S. short term teams to help build them a home. But his help didn't stop there. Since the home was near the school that Reynerio started, the family's children attended and then went on to secondary education in Ensenda. That story inspired other short term teams who have now built 100+ homes in Maneadero.

Our work in Ensenada seeks to meet the most basic needs of the needy. We build homes for the homeless, offer job skill training, distribute food, and offer hope to kids through education programs.


At Amoveo, we believe lasting change happens when organizations take a step back from rushing in to do something. In Ensenda, we take the same approach. We work through local organizations, including churches. These local leaders know the needs because those in need are their friends. But they also know how money and people from the U.S. can make a lasting impact. 

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