Business Coaching

Amoveo Group Project in Haiti


Small and medium-sized businesses employ 80 percent of Haiti's workforce. However, most are plateaued or declining because they are limited to a lack of skill to improve their performance and profits.


The Amoveo team has been embedded for 4+ years in the community of Leogane. We believe lasting change happens when organizations take a step back from rushing in to do something.

We work by:

  1. Finding leaders in the community - small business owners who are invested in their community!
  2. Listening to them - 4 years and the success of the Union Shop has allowed our team to understand the complexities of an economic market that is turbulent but having a ton of potential.
  3. Determining with them how we can help - what are the biggest roadblocks to success?
  4. Executing a plan that brings together creative investment, including people, materials, and money - with the success of Union Shop we have credibility and favor - we have small business owners who are asking for help

Because of our approach, we have developed a small business incubator coaching program that is culturally relevant and can enable a small business owner that is committed to the success of their community to thrive.


The small business incubator program relies on funding and guided expertise (professionals in the field) of volunteers to come in and teach modules to our participants. Check out our volunteer trips and seed funding opportunities that can make this program a success, moving small businesses from a survival mentality to that of thrive!

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